Apart from the face-to-face sessions that I offer in Copenhagen, I also offer online therapy, counselling and coaching. This is an ideal format for people who live further away and for whom it is difficult to come into Copenhagen for sessions. It is also an ideal format for those who travel a lot and so it is difficult for them to maintain regular meetings. I offer sessions in English and Maltese. I also have a very good understanding of Italian and French so it is possible for you to express yourself in your mother tongue if you prefer.

Online sessions will be held via Zoom. You will be sent a meeting invite that can be used for all the sessions we have.

In order to maintain confidentiality, I will not store your contact on the online platform we will be using and so you might need to send me an invite before every session. Given that I have no control over the information kept by the platforms we would be using, by deciding to have online sessions you also agree to the conditions of the platform that we would be using.

When having online sessions, it is vital that you are in a quiet setting, alone, and undisturbed for the whole duration of the setting. This means not having other tasks that you need to attend to while we are holding the session. It also means switching off your mobile phone and other notifications that you might be getting on your tablet or computer. This protects your privacy and ensures that you get the most out of the session.

It is important that you have a good internet connection. However, if during the session we experience technical difficulties, we can either continue the conversation as a phone call or we can reschedule the session.

Because of insurance purposes, I only work with people who reside in the EU. Please note that payment would need to be effected before the start of the session. Fees and cancellation policy are the same as for face to face sessions. You can find the information in the practical information page.

If you would like to book an online therapy or coaching session, please get in touch with me.