Coming to terms with your sexual or gender identity?
Struggling with aspects of your sexual life?
Feeling disconnected from your body?
Experiencing shame or guilt in relation to your  sexual life?
Seeking to construct a more positive and integrated sexuality?

Sexuality and the body is one of my areas of particular interest, where I adopt a sex-positive and LGBTI+ friendly approach. I have had additional training and education in working with issues related to the body, sex, sexuality and gender. I have worked with people of different sexual orientations. I have also had clients who were dealing with gender identity, and others with alternative sexual practices including kink and BDSM.

Apart from being a psychotherapist, I am also a trained somatic educator. For issues concerning the body and sexuality it is possible to use a more body-orientated approach that involves touch and bodywork. This allows us to directly access body memories while avoiding cognitive defences. This can be combined with psychotherapy and EMDR therapy to help process the memories and make meaning out of your experiences. Further information about somatic work can be found on Orange Bodies of which I am a founder.

If you wish to work on issues related to sex, sexuality and the body, feel free to contact me for an initial conversation over the phone or online where we will discuss your needs and how we can work together.