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Personal & Organisational Coaching

Are you trying to improve your life by developing yourself further, clarifying what you want in life and seeking ways to achieve that? Are you setting up your small-to-medium sized business and want to be clear on what you want and find external support in understanding how you can make it happen? Or maybe you are aiming at bettering the way your organisation works and how people relate with each other in order to get things done. If so, I can help you by providing you the necessary coaching that would help you achieve these goals.

As an ICF-qualified and experienced coach I offer coaching sessions in English and other languages. My extensive knowledge of human and group dynamics is a result of my training and experience in the related fields of education, psychology, psychotherapy and supervision. The coaching I offer can be either for individuals, groups or organisations. Coaching primarily takes place online, although in the case of organisations it can also happen in-person. You can read more about this in the about me section.

Do you want to clarify your goals?

Do you want to achieve your goals?

Do you want to better your organisation?

What is coaching?

Coaching offers you a confidential space to focus on how you can better your future and bring about personal or organisational changes that you desire. You might be in a situation where you notice obstacles that are stopping you or your organisation from reaching its objectives. Or you or your organisation might be functioning well but you want to improve and develop further. Coaching helps by asking the right questions, set the right objectives, and find ways to reach them.

The first stage in coaching involves developing and clarifying your goals. What do you want to achieve? And why do you want to achieve those objectives? Once we establish what are your actual goals, we will work at prioritising them so as to make them happen.

The second stage is about uncovering the obstacles that prevent you or your organisation from reaching the goals. This means increasing awareness about obvious – and not so obvious – aspects that are blocking you or your organisation from achieving what is desires. We will look at patterns of beliefs, relationships, and behaviours that get you or your organisation into a rut and prevent you from taking the necessary steps to reach your objectives and perform as you desire.

The third stage consists of devising a plan to bring about the change that is needed. This entails developing and organising a plan of actions, and being decisive about the actions you want to take. This empowers you or your organisation to work towards your goals and tap into hidden potential.

The final stage involves implementing your plan. This is about you or your organisation taking action and us reviewing and evaluating together the outcomes. It involves seeing where changes and improvements can be made to get you where you want to be.

It is vital to approach coaching with an open mind, being willing to be challenged and to change, and being open to new ideas.


I work primarily in English and Maltese. I also have a very good understanding of Italian and French so it is possible for you to express yourself in your mother tongue if you prefer.