Sexuality & Body

  • Coming to terms with your sexual or gender identity?
  • Struggling with aspects of your sexual life?
  • Feeling disconnected from your body?
  • Experiencing shame or guilt in relation to your  sexual life?
  • Seeking to construct a more positive and integrated sexuality?

Sexuality and the body is one of my areas of particular interest, where I adopt a sex-positive and LGBTIQA+ friendly approach. I have had additional training and education in working with issues related to the body, sex, sexuality and gender. I have worked with people of different sexual orientations, with clients dealing with gender identity issues, with others who engage in alternative sexual practices including kink and BDSM, as well as with clients who are in non-monogamous relationships.

Apart from being a highly-experienced Consultant Psychotherapist, I am also a trained Somatic Sexuality Therapist and have been trained in various techniques that are more body-orientated. This allows you to directly access body memories while avoiding cognitive defences. I have founded Orange Bodies where I hold workshops on body and sexuality.

If you wish to work on issues related to sexuality and the body, feel free to contact me to discuss your needs and how we can work together. 

LGBTQIA friendly and sex positive therapy

Sex-positive and LGBTQIA+ friendly therapy