I offer therapy for couples, partners, or other relationship groupings online. This involves working with communication, infidelity, intimacy, sexuality, and other relationship issues.

Relationship and sexual therapy can be helpful if:

  • Your relationship is going through a difficult time
  • You’re experiencing a lot of conflicts in your relationship
  • You are struggling to communicate well in your relationship
  • You feel that your relationship is not working any more
  • You want to improve your sexual life in your relationship
  • You would like to better understand each other in your relationship

Relationships involve a lot of work. People change change over time, and so do their needs and desires. This often leads to conflicts within the relationship or to partners becoming more isolated. It can also lead to difficulties in communication, intimacy and sex life. All of this can lead to feeling vulnerable, feeling not understood, feeling hurt, or feeling angry or resentful. If these things are not addressed they can lead to further problems in the relationship and can lead to breaking up.

Relationship and sexual therapy gives you the chance to understand and handle relationship conflict, change behaviours in a safe space, and safely explore the needs and desires of each other. The aim in therapy is not to focus on who is right and who is wrong, or to change the other person. Instead, it is about growing together and focusing on how to live a meaningful relationship. If a relationship does come to an end, therapy helps by helping you understand and accept the ending, and be able to move on in a more positive way.

Relationship and sexual therapy can also be useful in developing further your relationship and improving your understanding of each other. In this case, it can be a huge investment in a relationship that helps solidify its foundations and make it a more secure place.

As a Somatic Sexuality Specialist (ICS) I also coach couples in getting to know themselves and each other better when it comes to knowing one’s body as well as connecting to, and expressing more, one’s sexuality within the relationship. I help address sexual difficulties and develop a more enriching and fulfilling sexual life. For more information about this, please visit my other website that focuses on somatic sexuality work: Orange Bodies.

Having received additional training in relation to sexuality, I adopt a sex-positive approach in my practice. I work with people of different sexual orientations and gender identities, and with different forms of relationships, including non-monogamous relationships. I also understand that different people engage in various sexual practices including kink and BDSM, and am comfortable working with these themes.

LGBT friendly and sex positive therapy

Sex-positive and LGBTI+ friendly therapy