Michael Conti. Psychotherapist coach and supervisor in Copenhagen in English

As a psychotherapist, coach, counsellor and supervisor based in Copenhagen, I offer online psychotherapy and counselling, supervision and coaching sessions in English and Maltese. I also have a very good understanding of Italian and French so it is possible for you to express yourself in your mother tongue if you prefer.

In my work I adopt an integrative approach, drawing upon different approaches according to what is more relevant. These include: Cognitive-Behavioural (CBT), Psychodynamic, Person-centred, Relational, Gestalt and Body psychotherapy.

One of my main areas of specialisation is working with trauma and other distressing or overwhelming experiences. As a trained trauma therapist I use EMDR therapy to help reduce the impact of these experiences in a way that they are no longer overwhelming.

Another area of specialisation concerns sex, sexuality and the body. I am a trained somatic sex educator and I help clients deal with sexual difficulties or adopt a more positive sexuality through body practices; something that can be combined with psychotherapy. I am the founder of Orange Bodies where I run workshops in somatic sexuality.

I also facilitate workshops and training sessions on various subjects related to mental health, wellbeing and sexuality. Because of my experience in mental health services in large organisations I also offer consultancy work for organisations interested in putting their workers’ wellbeing in the forefront. If you are interested in organising workshops or training for a group or an organisation, or if you are interested in consultancy work in mental health, please get in touch with me


I work primarily in English and Maltese. I also have a very good understanding of Italian and French so it is possible for you to express yourself in your mother tongue should you prefer.

Work experience​

Main work experiences include:

  • Senior Counsellor at the London Fire Brigade
  • Training supervisor and tutor on an MA in advanced clinical practice for psychotherapists
  • Freelance wellbeing consultancy work
  • Counsellor at the Malta College for Arts, Science, and Technology
  • Workshop and training developer and facilitator on various subjects, including wellbeing and sexuality
  • Part-time lecturer on Masters courses in Psychology and in Family Therapy

I have also worked as a tutor for psychotherapy training courses and have held psychotherapy and counselling management posts in large organisations.

Qualifications and education

  • Certificate in Psychology
  • Diploma in Philosophy
  • B.Ed. (Hons.) Education
  • M.Sc. Integrative counselling and psychotherapy
  • M.A. Professional practice in counselling and psychotherapy (supervision)
  • EMDR training
  • Cognitive psychological first aid
  • Introduction to Somatic Experiencing
  • Somatic sexuality specialist (ICS) training
  • Sexual minority therapy
  • Couples counselling and Sex therapy
  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
  • Life-Coaching

Professional memberships and accreditations​

Apart from holding the European Certificate of Psychotherapy issues by the European Association for Psychotherapy, I am a member of the following professional bodies: