Psychological wellbeing consultancy

I provide psychological wellbeing consultancy services to help better organisational cultures through improving human dynamics within the organisation. By providing individuals with better psychological resources and facilitating communication within the organisation, I help improve efficiency and work ethic within the organisation and contribute to the wellbeing of all those involved – be they employees or managers.

I offer organisations various psychological wellbeing consultancy services in-person or online. These primarily consist of training, group facilitation, body-focused mindful practice, psychological wellbeing strategy development and one-to-one support.

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I offer training sessions on psychological themes relevant to your organisation. The length of the training can range from half a day to multiple days. We will initially hold a preliminary meeting so that I gain a clear understanding of what your needs are. We will continue our exchange throughout the whole planning of the program to ensure that it is entirely relevant for your organisation. 

Some training sessions I deliver include:

  • Recognising and dealing with Sadness, Anxiety and Depression (for managers)
  • Developing more effective communication in the workplace
  • Developing psychological resilience
  • Enhancing emotional intelligence
  • Understanding and dealing with trauma

If you are interested in other topics for training in your organisation feel free to get in touch with me to discuss further.

Group facilitation​

An organisation’s culture is severely impacted by the group dynamics of the persons working in it. This is particularly the case when power is involved, and it can often result in overtly or  passively aggressive behaviour and negative relationships that have a detrimental effect on both single individuals and the organisation as a whole. In view of this, I offer group facilitation to enable clearer communication, further develop listening skills, enhance people’s expression abilities, and help clarify needs and expectations within the organisation.

We will hold a preliminary meeting to discuss what are the human interaction difficulties you are encountering in your organisation. We will then clarify what the needs are with the aim of improving the culture within the organisation and enhance performance.

If you are interested in an experienced professional facilitating groups to enhance your organisational culture feel free to get in touch with me to discuss further.

Body-focused mindfulness practice

As a specialised psychotherapist and mindfulness coach I have extensive knowledge and experience in working with practices that help calm down anxiety and improve focus. The practices I use are primarily body-focused as research shows that using the body, and in particular breathing, is one of the main ways to counteract the emotional disturbance caused by over-worked minds. I have used these practices with various individuals and in different settings, including my work with firefighters and individuals suffering from severe mental health issues.

You can read more about mindfulness sessions here. If you are interested in setting up some sessions of body-focused mindfulness practices for your employees, feel free to get in touch with me to discuss further.

Psychological wellbeing strategy development and consultancy

Some organisations experience a more general difficulty with mental health issues that can lock down an organisation, decrease performance, and nurture a negative working environment. In such eventuality, I help organisations look closer at their employees’ wellbeing and understand the cost that mental health issues have for the organisation. After such an assessment, we will hold a number of meetings to discuss a psychological wellbeing strategy for your organisation. This is a strategy that will be reviewed through both employee and managerial participation.

If you are interested in a wellbeing consultancy in person or online to develop a psychological wellbeing strategy for your organisation, please get in touch with me to discuss further.

One-to-one support​

Some organisations choose to invest further in their employees and offer to sponsor a number of individual therapy or coaching sessions when the need arises. Given that one cannot completely separate work life from personal life, difficulties in one sector often negatively impact the other, as can be clearly seen in the case of relationship breakups or bereavement. 

Offering a number of therapy or coaching sessions to employees to help them deal with the issues they are dealing with will put them in a higher functioning state that will in turn have a positive impact on their work life. As a former manager in an Employee Assistance Program at the London Fire Brigade I can understand the demands of such a service and the delicate balance that’s needed for both the employee’s and the organisation’s benefit.

If you are interested in providing your employees with one-to-one psychotherapy or coaching sessions, feel free to get in touch with me to discuss further.