Do you want your organisation to promote workers’ wellbeing?

Do you want to set up a supportive structure for your workers?

Organisations are made of people. Hence, organisations only thrive in as much as the wellbeing of the people they are made up of is taken care of.

As a consultant I can help an organisation gain insight into its workers’ level of wellbeing and the cost this is having on the functioning of the organisation. After understanding the strengths and limitations of the organisation and the stressors being experienced by its workers, I can aid in setting up a structured, evidence-based support system for workers that also sits within organisational limits.

My consultancy is based on my varied experience in working in psychotherapy services in very large and complex organisations. I have held the post of Senior Counsellor at London Fire Brigade. In my various roles I have been involved in writing up of policies, streamlining workflow, and structuring procedures. I hold a Masters in supervision which provides me with the necessary tools to look at the wider picture and all the stakeholders involved. 

I am based in Copenhagen but can travel. I work primarily in English, Maltese, and Italian, but can also work in French and Spanish.

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