My experience of Michael is that he has an impressive breadth and depth of knowledge in terms of counselling modalities and techniques which he can draw on to offer a valuable and holding experience to clients.  He is always looking to expand his learning and find additional ways of meeting clients in their world.

As a supervisor Michael has been perceptive and supportive in all our meetings.  Most helpfully, for me, has been how Michael creates and allows a space into which more unconscious processes in the counselling can emerge and take shape.  I have found this such a valuable learning experience which enhances the subsequent work with clients.

I would always recommend him - to clients who are in need of a counsellor or counsellors seeking a supervisor.



As part of a counselling team of eleven, Michael’s professional capabilities to connect in a containing and caring way undoubtedly contributed to the smooth running and harmony within the team. Whilst working with Michael, I witnessed a highly responsible and understanding manager whose focused approach offered a measured and meaningful outcome to a variety of situations and work challenges.

It is my experience that Michael’s depth of understanding which supports and informs his managerial, client and supervisory work provides a place from which his clients can experience emotional safety and his colleagues can feel respected. 

It has been a privilege to work with Michael and his fairness and impartiality demonstrated within his role as a manager, supervisor and therapist, in my opinion, has had a positive and proactive impact to both the colleagues and clients he worked with.



Michael's encouraging, empathic and empowering approach to our supervision helped me to stay grounded whilst working with something new, but it also challenged me to trust and stay in touch with my own intuitions.

I found Michael's integrative approach and vast knowledge of different theoretical orientations very encompassing. I felt that he respected my way of working within the modalities I was familiar with, whilst he also gave me the confidence to work with approaches I was less so. Moreover, I found Michael's insights into my wellbeing and issues around transference hugely beneficial for steering my work, where needed – always delivered in a way which I found compassionate and containing.