Thank you for your participation in the workshop. As a follow-up, on this page you will find three things:

  • An information pack to download about mental health in the workplace
  • A brief evaluation
  • A link to a google review
  • An option to send a testimonial
Information pack

Click the button below to download a pdf with the information pack.

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Evaluation form

I would appreciate if you could take a moment of your time to fill in this evaluation that would help me improve for further workshops. The evaluation should not take more than 3 minutes and is anonymous.

Google review / Website testimonial

If you think this workshop was useful for you and feel comfortable doing so, I would appreciate if you could provide me with a google review by clicking on the button below. You are more than welcome to leave a brief text.

Link to Google review

If, instead, you prefer to send me an anonymous testimonial that I can use on my website, please use the box below. The testimonial is anonymous unless you include your first name in the bottom field.

Thank you very much for your contribution!