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Michael Conti

I am a highly experienced psychotherapist, supervisor, and coach based in Copenhagen, offering face-to-face and online sessions in English, Italian, French and Maltese. I use different therapeutic approaches including Cognitive-Behavioural (CBT), Psychodynamic, Relational and EMDR therapy. 

Furthermore, I organise and deliver workshops and training to groups or organisations on matters related to wellbeing, mental health and sexuality. I also offer consultancy for organisations interested in putting their workers’ wellbeing in the forefront.

My two main areas of specialisation are trauma and sexuality. As an EMDR therapist I help individuals deal with traumatic events. I am also a trained somatic sex educator. It is possible to combine somatic sexuality work with psychotherapy to better deal with issues around the body, sex and sexuality. I am the founder of Orange Bodies where I run workshops and individual sessions in somatic sexuality.



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